Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Ferry Building and Union Square

Today I took a trip into San Francisco with Jamie to meet a friend of ours from the East Bay! The ferry is always a nice way to avoid city parking.... We actually spent quite a lot of time in the ferry building because of all the yummy food! I love it in there. Here's a photo diary (mostly of food) of our day.

I found Waldo! Desert empanadas at El Porteno... Empanadas are from Argentina, like Jamie!

Food-food empanadas! I had the Jamon Y Queso for lunch. SO GOOD. GO GET SOME. 

Alfajores... Jamie had me take these pictures to send to her host family in Argentina. 

A gluten-free dairy-free turkey sandwich Jamie had from Mariposa. I even thought the bread was good haha. 

Gorgeous flowers at the farmer's market outside. Lunch can either be free, or expensive at the ferry building. If you play your cards right you might get enough fresh fruit and almond brittle samples to tide you over. 

We got on a random bus and ended up getting off at Union Square for a little shopping... We all got new outfits (that we wore out of the store) at Forever 21. I had a headache so I figured a caffeine pick me up was in order. This is a black tea unsweetened boba with a shot of espresso and stevia from Blue Bottle Coffee Co. Imagine how annoying I was ordering that. This picture I took on the bus back to the ferry building. 

I ate small things throughout the day so I could eat a lot. Maybe not my healthiest day but it was so good! For dinner I grabbed a vegetarian bun from Out the Door on our way back through the ferry building. I love  dim sum buns, but a lot of them have barbecue (which I dislike beaucoup). This one didn't so Carli was very happy. We also snuck in a peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream (recommended a la the guy who worked there) from Humphry Slocombe. I finally understood why both places had such huge lines! 

My name is spelled weird. They never have my name on water bottles or bike license plates or necklaces... expect right outside the ferry building! This is a hand stamped necklace on a penny, priced at $15 but I got it for $10! What a steal. 

At Union Square we stopped at Lush (but of course). They were all out of fresh face masks so I went for Mask of Magaminty. I will upload a review later! 

Thanks for reading this, have a good day :)

A Day at the Depot

Recently one of my good good friends Jamie just got back from an exchange in Argentina! She has been gone for five months, and since she's been back we've seen each other quite a few times. The other day we spent time in a cute little town called Mill Valley. First we visited a cafe called the Depot- I was so afraid to do this! It's very popular here, but I went on Yelp and was horrified by the reviews. Complaints of sub par food and rubbish service almost frightened me away. However I was pleasantly surprised- I'd highly recommend their strawberry rhubarb pie. You can see me eating that below (don't mind my super model faces, I just can't help it.) Strawberry rhubarb is one of my FAVORITE pies.


We spent some time laying in the sun, and I traced her in chalk.

It was such a nice afternoon in comparison to the morning which had been drizzly and cold. Then we caught a showing of Begin Again, which was pretty good. I really liked the whole idea behind the album they made, it inspired me a lot! I might break out my guitar heheh. Lots of people are loving the music but it didn't steal my heart. I loved the costuming and set on this film though. Overall I think it was worth seeing- but maybe rent it.

Well who looks like a rabid dog? ME!

Then we went to In n Out and ate it in a park! It was her first time eating In n Out in five months- she was clearly in withdrawal. I think I enjoyed it more than usual too haha. We got it to go and ate at a lovely park by the water. It was freezing, but really beautiful. While we were there a stray yoga ball was rolling down the sidewalk and I ran to get it (come on it was my lucky day! a free yoga ball?!) but unfortunately it's owners were very happy to have it back (...I guess I'll settle for being a good Samaritan.)

It was such a nice day, with the weather as lovely as it was and the food as lovely as it was. I really enjoy Jamie's company and am SO excited she's back! I'm so grateful everyday for the wonderful people I'm surround by and the wonderful places I get to go. See you guys next time!